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Summary of MIH Awards

MIH awards map of Kansas 2012-2018



Kansas Housing Resources Corporation
Moderate Income Housing Program

Applicant Award Year Award Amount
City of Garden City 2012 $375,000.00
City of Larned 2012 $400,000.00
Montgomery County 2012 $140,000.00
City of Norton 2012 $400,000.00
City of Pittsburg 2012 $280,000.00
City of Rexford 2012 $400,000.00
City of Dodge City 2012 $175,000.00
City of Liberal 2013 $350,000.00
City of Cottonwood Falls 2013 $100,000.00
City of Quinter 2013 $400,000.00
City of Hoxie 2013 $382,451.00
City of Lyons 2013 $200,000.00
City of Hugoton 2013 $250,000.00
City of Stockton 2013 $71,000.00
City of Humboldt 2013 $100,000.00
Stafford County 2013 $168,000.00
City of Baldwin City 2014 $200,000.00
City of Wellsville 2014 $200,000.00
Grant County 2014 $350,000.00
City of Hutchinson 2014 $200,000.00
City of Plainville 2014 $362,000.00
City of Lyons 2014 $100,000.00
Kearny County 2014 $300,000.00
City of Sterling 2014 $198,000.00
Unified Government of Greeley County 2014 $115,000.00
City of Dodge City 2014 $75,000.00
City of Bronson 2015 $18,000.00
City of El Dorado 2015 $90,000.00
City of Ashland 2015 $125,000.00
Coffey County 2015 $150,000.00
City of Minneloa 2015 $173,500.00
City of Great Bend 2015 $175,000.00
City of Pittsburg 2015 $200,000.00
City of Russell 2015 $200,000.00
City of Moundridge 2015 $275,000.00
City of Newton 2015 $400,000.00
City of Holcomb 2015 $400,000.00
City of Bronson 2016 $19,000.00
City of Emporia 2016 $179,839.00
City of Eureka 2016 $396,000.00
City of Grainfield / City of Wakeeney 2016 $400,000.00
City of Hoisington 2016 $100,000.00
City of Inman 2016 $340,000.00
City of Lyons 2016 $50,000.00
City of Scott City 2016 $280,000.00
City of El Dorado 2016 $90,000.00
City of Dodge City 2016 $100,000.00
City of Liberal 2016 $150,000.00
Stafford County 2016 $100,000.00
City of Valley Falls 2016 $150,000.00


2017 MIH - Moundridge


The city of Moundridge, in McPherson County, has a population of 1,726 and was provided a grant of $68,500 and a loan of $206,500 to build 6 duplexes (twelve housing units) in a new development area.  This area was approved as a Rural Housing Incentive District.  Thirty tax credit affordable housing units were also constructed to create a mixed income subdivision adjacent to new higher income housing.  There is also a long-term care facility nearby.  The city paid for the extension of the utilities, and INTRUST Bank Provided the primary financing. The total cost of the project was $1,236,850 with MIH funding leveraging an investment of $961,850. 

This development provides opportunities for many people who work but do not live in Moundridge due to lack of housing.  Randy Frazer, the City Administrator for Moundridge, says “Moundridge is blessed with great industry and numerus employment opportunities.  For years our community has struggled with the lack of quantity as well as quality residential rental properties needed to support our local employers.  By pooling multiple resources, the Meadow View Development brought much needed quality rental opportunities to our community.  The MIH program from KHRC was a critical piece of that puzzle”.

State Housing Trust Fund

Created in 1991 and administered by KHRC, the State Housing Trust Fund (SHTF) is essentially a discretionary, interest-bearing trust account for the purpose of administering housing programs and services. While many state housing trust funds around the country have robust designated revenue streams from taxes on such things as real estate sales or recording fees, the Kansas SHTF does not have a sustained funding source. Kansas SHTF activities are funded instead through infrequent and diminishing revenue streams, such as MRB and multi-family bond issuance fees. A summary of SHTF activities can be found here.




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