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2019 Moderate Income Housing RFP

Moderate Income Housing RFP Overview

Under the MIH RFP, KHRC expects to release up to $2 million.  Under the legislation, KHRC shall only use the funds for loans or grants to cities or counties for infrastructure or housing development in rural areas. 

This RFP contains information on eligible applicants and activities, application procedures, award criteria, grant/loan structuring, and reporting and compliance monitoring requirements. 

Applicants should be aware and understand that this MIH RFP and any awards are funded in whole or in part by State of Kansas funds provided through the Bill.  In the event the State funds supporting this RFP or subsequent award become unavailable, are reduced, or rescinded, KHRC may terminate or amend this RFP and application without penalty and will not be obligated to pay the applicant from any other sources, including KHRC, SHTF, or State of Kansas monies.

The deadline to submit proposals under this RFP is 5:00 PM on Monday, September 30, 2019.  If not submitted electronically, applications should be sent to:   

Kansas Housing Resources Corporation

Moderate Income Housing RFP

611 S. Kansas Ave., Suite 300

Topeka, Kansas 66603

Applicants may only submit one application, but may include more than one proposed activity, so long as the application lists the applicant’s priorities.

Full Moderate Income Housing RFP

2019 Moderate Income Housing Application


Housing Trust Fund Funding

Kansas Housing Resources Corporation announces an application round for the National Housing Trust Fund (HTF) to be used with tax-exempt bonds and 4% floating tax credits.  An HTF application packet may be obtained by contacting Cynthia Howerton at chowerton@kshousingcorp.org.

Information about the HTF program is available here: https://www.hudexchange.info/programs/htf/

The application deadline is August 16, 2019 at 4:00 PM. Depending on the response, award decisions should be made in 60-90 days. 

Awards in this round will include funds from the State’s 2020 HTF allocation, as well as any leftover funds from earlier allocations. Based on recent years, KHRC anticipates confirmation of the 2020 allocation in the spring of 2020, with funds available for commitment in early fall of that year.

The State of Kansas receives an annual allocation of $3 Million, of which $2.7 Million is available for HTF-assisted rental development activities. Although HTF funds are not part of the Federal budget appropriation process, applicants should keep in mind that the National Housing Trust Fund may be subject to change or modification through Congressional action.  

When HTF funds are used in a development, a subsidy layering review determines the minimum number of HTF-assisted units based on a) the per-unit subsidy limit and b) the percentage of HTF funds to total eligible costs. Current HTF per-unit subsidy limits for Kansas are: 0 BR - $120,000; 1 BR - $136,000; 2 BR - $192,000; 3 BR - $240,000; 4 BR - $256,000.

HTF-assisted units must remain affordable to extremely low income (ELI) households for a period of 30 years following completion. KHRC will expect HTF units to be targeted at or below 30% of AMI. HTF rent and income limits are on HUD Exchange at https://www.hudexchange.info/programs/htf/.  

The amount requested is not limited. However, available funding is limited, and KHRC will prioritize activities that effectively leverage other resources to produce the maximum number of units for ELI households.

Developments using HTF funds must comply with additional federal requirements, including environmental review provisions, Section 3 and MBE/WBE requirements, verification of non-debarment, the Uniform Relocation Act, etc. (Davis-Bacon is not required for HTF).

For more information, contact:


Barry McMurphy                              785-217-2024                     bmcmurphy@kshousingcorp.org             

Fred Bentley                                      785-217-2029                     fbentley@kshousingcorp.org   


2019 HOME TBRA Application



Applications for the 2019 TBRA program are now available. Completed applications must be returned to KHRC no later than 4 p.m. on Friday June 28, 2019.  Total funding for the 2019 TBRA program is expected to be approximately $1.4 million.

The Tenant Based Rental Assistance Program (TBRA) is funded through the HOME Investment Partnerships (HOME) Program.  HUD allocates funds by formula to eligible State and local governments to strengthen public-private partnerships and to expand the supply of decent, safe, sanitary, and affordable housing, with primary attention to rental housing for very low-income and low-income families.

Applications for funding to operate a Tenant Based Rental Assistance program will be made available to local units of government, public housing authorities, and non-profit agencies, and will be considered on a competitive basis.  Tenant Based Rental Assistance (TBRA) is a program designed to help income-eligible households with rent, security deposit, and/or utility deposits. Assistance in the form of a payment to the landlord helps reduce a household’s housing expense to 30 percent of their income.  

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